Dora Party Supplies

Since you’ve landed on this page, I would assume that you’re looking for Dora Party Supplies. Dora is indeed a great kids’ birthday party theme that will surely make excitement come alive.

Dora Party Supplies


Dora Birthday Party Is Fun.

Throwing a party should be fun in the planning, developing, and finally having the party itself and Dora party supplies and party packs have made this possible. When it comes to throwing a party for our kids, I can assure you that a Dora themed birthday bash would be engaging, unique, and something people will enjoy putting on Facebook, but not in a negative way.

Dora Party – At Home Or Outdoors?

These days’ parties are usually extravagant for kids, but parents tend to forget that kids almost do not care about the person who had a go-cart rented for their party; they would rather love to have a Dora theme based party at home. A Dora party rather at home can be much more fun than taking them to the local chicken place and paying them to make a cake.

Maybe parents who rent places for their birthday parties have a good reason, such as a lack of time to plan anything because of work, or because there is simply not enough room at home to have a big party and Dora party supplies can work their magic in an outdoors party as well. However, the most memorable Dora birthday party would be the one thrown right at home with all of the friends and families involved.

Involve Your Child In Planning A Dora Themed Party.

Remember as parents to make the focus on the birthday boy or girl while planning a Dora birthday party. A child is more excited about a fake cardboard action figure 5 foot tall painted by them over a store bought Dora sign that they can only look at. Zeroing in on what is most fun, memorable, and great for them is the focus, and for achieving that, we simply have to know our children, understand what makes them happy, and create the entire theme around that with Dora party supplies.

How Much Long Should A Dora Birthday Bash Last?

Plan for 3 hours of Dora fun and wrap it up. First of all, make the Dora theme something they already like. Ask them what the best Dora party in the world would be, and then make something (almost) similar. Try to keep costs down; because a Dora birthday party can become rather expensive, but they will appreciate the party, and not remember every detail the next day.

Dora Party Supplies Uncomplicate The Party Planning!

Keep the Dora kids’ party simple with Dora birthday supplies, even though to everyone else it may look complicated. Use the Dora party packs featured on this site to throw the greatest birthday party for your kid almost tension-free. Yes, you can hop from one local retailer to another searching for Dora kids’ party supplies, or you can try to make them yourselves, but trust me, it’s not worth it. Who doesn’t want a great party filled with Dora party decorations that look like they were a pretty penny, but in actuality, the expense was time.

Ideas For A Great Dora Birthday Party

Create an idea for the theme and buy a Dora party pack, or party supplies a la carte. Write down a list of Dora things that you know and think they (kids) like, and then kick out the ones that are unrealistic, and finally present the finished list to your birthday kid to let them choose. From there, it’s all about color, items related to Dora themes, and food.

There are many resources online, and if you have the money to purchase a Dora party pack, they will include everything you need for your chosen theme. However, from the other side, if you do not want to purchase pre-made Dora party items, and you would rather create everything, try to do so on a budget. It is extremely easy to spend too much money on frivolous Dora birthday items.

Dora Party Invitations

Dora birthday invitations can be handmade or electronic; because even kids have phones these days, so electronic is easy and fast. But old school thought states that printed invitations with a great design for the Dora theme and mailing them snail mail is the best way to go. However, currently, the mailbox is for bills and junk mail, and about 30% of the time, someone will pay attention to their mail only because they are expecting a package or specific bill and your Dora invitations can go unnoticed.

According to today’s standards, it is best to create an awesome Dora themed email invitation and then email it or send it via the many apps or social media such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp or similar. It is up to you and your kid to decide how you would send the Dora birthday party invitations. Dora party supplies include very attractive invitations that you can send to your guests via (snail) mail.

Dora Thank You Notes

Dora themed thank you notes should definitely be prepared and ready for handing out at the door or sent over to those who brought gifts. Everyone wants a thank you for doing something good, and because not many people take the time to do that these days, so sending out Dora thank you noted will make you stand apart. It was a custom in the past to send out a thank you card to everyone who attended a birthday party (or other party/wedding), but in the new rules, delivery is all up to the sender because these Dora notes or cards are not time sensitive like an invitation.

Whether handed out at the door, sent via social media after the party is over, or sent via snail mail, it is up to the host and the reason for sending these Dora appreciation tokens. One might say that a lot of care goes into snail mail, and another may say time is a factor, so it is up to you how and when you send the Dora thank-you cards.

Dora Birthday Decorations

Plan the decorations well before the Dora party. If you are inventing everything beforehand, planning the layout before developing the decorations takes almost all of the stress out for a great Dora birthday party. For example, balloon placement is not very important, however, cluttering a wall with Dora theme colored balloons is definitely not on the agenda. However, tossing many balloons on the floor as a game during the Dora party (maybe full of candy and those who sit on them faster grab more candy) is acceptable and not actually a mess – at least not until after the game.

The kitchen should have the table prepared with Dora theme-oriented tablecloth, cake and cupcakes, plates, plastic utensils, cups, and anything theme related to making the table burst out of the kitchen.

Dora Birthday Party Menu

Take a moment to lay out the entire Dora party menu and if it is a community meal, get together with everyone on Facebook or similar to map out the menu for the day. Food and snacks are important for a party (and your Dora birthday is no exception), because it becomes a conversation starter, it also keeps children in a single area for a period, and it provides everyone something to help with when needed.

Dora Birthday Cake

A Dora cake can be a game as well. Rather than having a ‘decorated’ cake, have a plain white cake frosting, and then add a ton of stuff around the cake so everyone can decorate their own with Dora party supplies. The items can be sprinkles, cookies, flavored syrups, and more Dora themed cake decorations, and as a result it will create a fun time (though messy).

Music And Entertainment For A Great Dora Birthday Party

DJ’s make a lot of money because they have their music already listed and ready to push play and your Dora party should have the same preparation. Choose music that the kids like, but also keep it nice and clean and if possible, based on Dora. When thinking of a great birthday party for kids music can be part of the day as well as part of the games played during the Dora party. There are dance-off games, regular games that need background music, and if you look online, there are a plethora of ideas to use music during a Dora birthday celebration.

Dora Party Games

Games for the party depend on the theme and of course, classic games have always been a stitch in parties because of how fun they are and they’ll surely go well with a Dora themed birthday party. Pin the tail on “anything” theme related just works and it could be put the tires in the right spot on a ‘Cars’ theme, or put the wings on a fairy or anything that connects to Dora. Be creative with that game to make it relate to the Dora theme, and you will find they appreciate it.

Mixing two activities in one can increase the fun of standing in line as well, and a perfect example would be forgoing the piñata and instead, fill Dora balloons with candy and blow them up and then pin them to a thick foam board and use plastic darts to pop them. And while they are waiting in line to play that, you can also run a line for face painting as this keeps everyone happy moving from one line to the other and keep the fun going for the Dora fans.

Musical Chairs And Dora Birthday

Musical chairs will always be a classic party game and will never stop being fun and will go well with a Dora bash. It is as simple as setting up all the chairs, turn on the music, and turning it off while each round takes away a couple of chairs, depending on the amount of people playing in the Dora party. Finally, give a price to the last three winners and your little guests will never forget how great your Dora party was. One of the things about party games is that every single one should have a prize, and teach positive competition to all the little ones participating in the Dora birthday party games.

Maintaining Control During The Dora Birthday Party

Maintain control by delegating and lower stress by actually having fun in your Dora themed party. Having a bigger brother or sister around can be a great stress reliever as well as increase fun for parents as well during the Dora themed birthday party. When a game starts, instead of trying to control every aspect on your own, have an older sibling run the Dora party game after you have already set everything up, and have everyone ready.

More often than not, we as parents tend to worry about the small details, and when we run games or food distribution or whatever it is, we miss the fun part, the parts where kids run into Kodak moments, all because we are worrying that nothing should go wrong in our Dora themed celebration. When we delegate these tasks to older kids or an aunt or uncle, we have the opportunity to enjoy more of the Dora party.

A Game That Helps Cleanup Dora Party Venue

Prepare a cleanup game at the end of the Dora birthday party before people leave, but disguise it all. At the end of a party, what usually occurs is everyone stands up, thanks the host, and then simply leaves and the best way to avoid this is to make one final game before anyone at your Dora celebrations even expects this to happen, even the adults.

Make two teams and the winning team at the Dora party is declared number one for the day, and the another team is number two; however, they can also be called team chocolate thunder or, alternatively, team Bob; it is a team thing. Most of all, the game itself should be fun and based on Dora theme, making it timed, or based on quantity, whoever cleaned up the most at the end of the period wins.

Dora Party Supplies

Dora birthday party supplies are available a la carte as well as in pre-made kits. The Dora party packs (kits) come in handy because they contain everything that you’ll need to throw a great birthday party for your kid. Dora party supplies kits are available in the following variants:

Dora Party Supplies Standard Tableware Kit For 8 Guests.

The Standard Tableware Kit includes Dora themed 7″ Cake Plates (8), 9 Oz Cups (8), Beverage Napkins (16), Forks (8), Spoons (8) and Knives (8).

Dora Party Supplies Deluxe Tableware Kit For 8 Guests.

The Deluxe Tableware Kit includes Dora themed 7″ Cake Plates (8), 9 Oz Cups (8), Beverage Napkins (16), Table Cover (1), Birthday Candles (1 Set), Solid Color Streamers (2), Forks (8), Spoons (8) and Knives (8).

Dora Party Supplies Ultimate Kit For 8 Guests.

The Ultimate Kit includes Dora themed 9″ Lunch Plates (8) and 7″ Cake Plates (8).  Furthermore, this Dora kit also contains 9 Oz Cups (8), Lunch Napkins (16) and Forks (8). In addition, Dora ultimate kit includes Beverage Napkins (16), Table Cover (1), Birthday Candles (1 Set). Dora ultimate kit also features Solid Color Streamers (2) and 28″ Giant Heart Balloon (1). Furthermore, it includes Dora themed Party Hats (8), Blowouts (8) and Large Jointed Banner (1). Also, this Dora kit features Door Kit (7 Pieces), Balloon Weight (1), Solid Curling Ribbon (1). And finally, Dora themed, 18″ Balloons (2), 18″ Solid Balloons, Spoons (8) and Knives (8).

In addition to the above mentioned ready-made kits, Dora party supplies are also available a la carte:

Dora Party Supplies – Tableware:

  • Dora 16oz. Plastic Favor Cup (Single Piece).
  • Dora 7″ Cake Plates (Pack of 8).
  • Dora 9″ Lunch Plates (Pack of 8).
  • Dora Plastic Tablecover (Single Piece).
  • Dora 9 oz Cups (Pack of 8).
  • Dora Beverage Napkins (Pack of 16).
  • Dora Lunch Napkins (Pack of 16).

Dora Party Supplies – Personalization:

  • Dora Personalized Invitation (Single Piece).
  • Dora Personalized Candy Bar Wrapper (Single Piece).
  • Dora Personalized Bottle Label (Sheet of 4).
  • Dora Personalized Favor Mug (Single Piece).
  • Dora Personalized Thank You (Single Piece).
  • Dora Personalized Stickers (Sheet of 12).
  • Dora Personalized Lollipops (Pack of 12).
  • Dora Personalized Magnet (Single Piece).
  • Dora Personalized Favor Bag (Pack of 12).
  • Dora Personalized Bubbles (Pack of 18).
  • Dora Personalized Banner (Single Piece).
  • Dora Personalized Lip Balm (Pack of 12).
  • Dora Personalized 2″ Lollipops (Pack of 20).
  • Dora Personalized Rectangular Stickers (Sheet of 15).
  • Dora Personalized Candy Tubes (Pack of 12).
  • Dora Personalized Mini Magnet (Single Piece).
  • Dora Personalized 1″ Mini Key Chain (Single Piece).

More Dora Party Supplies Personalization

  • Dora Personalized Paint Cans (Pack of 6).
  • Dora Personalized Bag Tag (Single Piece).
  • Dora Personalized Button (Single Piece).
  • Dora Personalized Activity Mat (Pack of 8).
  • Dora Personalized 2.25″ Key Chain (Single Piece).
  • Dora Personalized Placemat (Single Piece).
  • Dora Personalized Zipper Pull (Single Piece).
  • Dora Personalized 1″ Carabiner (Single Piece).
  • Dora Personalized Address Labels (Sheet of 15).
  • Dora Personalized Candy Bin with Candy Scoop (Pack of 10).
  • Dora Personalized Glass Milk Bottles (Pack of 10).
  • Dora Personalized Mini Button (Single Piece).
  • Dora Personalized Mint Tins (Pack of 12).
  • Dora Personalized Mini Paint Cans (Pack of 12).
  • Dora Personalized Mini Stickers (Sheet of 20).
  • Dora Personalized Luggage Tag (Single Piece).
  • Dora Personalized Plain Glass Jars (Pack of 10).
  • Dora Personalized Glass Apothecary Jars (Pack of 10).

Dora Party Supplies – Invitations and Thank Yous:

  • Pack of 8 Dora Thank Yous.
  • Dora Personalized Thank You (Single Piece).
  • Sheet of 15 Dora Personalized Address Labels.
  • Dora Personalized Invitation (Single Piece).
  • Pack of 8 Dora Invitations.

Dora Party Supplies – Favors and Gifts:

  • Dora Favor Kit (Single Piece).
  • Dora Deluxe Favor Kit (Single Piece).
  • Dora Lootbags (Pack of 8).
  • Dora Tote Bag (Single Piece).
  • Dora Favor Container (Single Piece).
  • Dora Sticker (4 Sheets).
  • Dora Tattoo (4 Sheets).
  • Dora Stretchy Bracelets (Pack of 4).
  • Dora Bounce Balls (Pack of 6).
  • Dora Plush Hangers In Blind Bag.
  • Dora Ultimate Activity Book.
  • Dora Fruit and Veggie Sticker Fun Pack.
  • Dora Home and Fashion Activity Album.
  • Dora All Mixed Up Sticker Fun Pack.
  • Dora Fashion and Beauty Sticker Fun Pack.
  • Dora Pencils (Pack of 8).
  • Dora Party Hats (Pack of 8).
  • Dora Favor Pack (48 Pieces).
  • Dora Blowouts (Pack of 8).
  • Dora Poppin Crunch Candy Pak.

More Dora Party Supplies Favors and Gifts

  • Dora Projector Pen (Single Piece).
  • Dora Gel Pens (2 Pack).
  • Dora 2-Pack Mini Figure Puzzle Erasers Assortment.
  • Dora 3″ Figure Squishie Balls (Single Piece) Assorted.
  • Dora Lip Balm Strawberry Kiss.
  • Dora Coloring and Activity Book.
  • Dora Color and Trace.
  • Dora Fruit Gummies Theater Box.
  • Dora Fashion Tags.
  • Dora Touchable Bubbles (Single Piece).
  • Dora Glass Slipper (Single Piece).
  • Dora Glitter Poppers (Single Piece).
  • Dora Party Bubbles Favor (Pack of 6).
  • Dora Theme Color Favor Bag.
  • Dora Guitar Bubbles (Pack of 4).
  • Dora Elastic Bands Lolliband Favor (Single Piece).
  • Dora Party Bubbles Favor Pack (Pack of 6).
  • Dora Rainbow Scratch Art Boards Set (Single Piece).
  • Dora Theme Color Treat Favor Boxes (Pack of 6).
  • Dora Theme Color Favor Bag.

Dora Party Supplies Favors and Gifts – More Options

  • Dora Mini Maracas (Pack of 12).
  • Dora Mini Pen (10-pack).
  • Dora Theme Color Watermelon Mini Unicorn Pops (Pack of 24).
  • Dora Friendship Adjustable Bracelets (Pack of 48).
  • Dora Theme Color Plastic Bucket.
  • Dora Body Jewel (Pack of 12).
  • Dora Play-Doh Mini Coloring Activity Set (Single Piece).
  • Dora Mini Watercolor Paint Set (Pack of 6).
  • Dora Flower Straw (2-pack).
  • Shimmer Dora Theme Color Sixlets 14oz (Single Piece).
  • Shimmer Dora Theme Color Gumballs 2lb (Single Piece).
  • Dora Party Bubbles, 8 oz. (Single Piece).
  • Dora Theme Color Wrapper Buttermints 7oz Bag (Single Piece).
  • Dora Chinese Yo-Yo Favor (Pack of 12).
  • Dora Assorted Bright Color Party Hats (Pack of 8).
  • Dora Notebook Activity Kit (Pack of 12).
  • Dora Theme Color Crinkle Paper Shreds.
  • Dora Prismatic Rainbow Blowouts (Pack of 8).
  • Dora Star Straw (Pack of 12).
  • Dora 2 Pack Figures.

Some More Dora Party Supplies Favors and Gifts

  • Dora Thin Attitude Wristbands (Pack of 24).
  • Dora Theme Color Star Bubble Necklace (Pack of 4).
  • Dora Play Pack (Single Piece).
  • Dora Primary Color Mini 2″ Bubbles 1oz. (Pack of 18).
  • Dora Prismatic Pastel Blowouts (Pack of 8).
  • Dora Mini Mechanical Pencil (Pack of 24).
  • Dora BeanBoozled 3.5 oz Jelly Beans Spinner Gift Box.
  • Dora Mini Chalk (20-pack).
  • Dora Theme Color Lollipops (Pack of 28).
  • Dora Theme Color Paper Favor Bags (Pack of 12).
  • Dora Theme Color Cherry Rock Candy Sticks (Pack of 8).
  • Treat Boxes Dora Theme Color (Pack of 12).
  • Shimmer Dora Theme Color Gumballs 8oz (Single Piece).
  • Dora Theme Color Swirl 2″ Lollipops (Pack of 24).
  • Dora Glitter Balls (Single Piece).
  • Dora Theme Color Jelly Beans 14 oz Bag (Single Piece).
  • Dora Theme Color Watermelon Frooties Tootsie Rolls (360 Pieces).
  • Dora Theme Color Candy Filled 6″ Straws (240 Pieces).
  • Dora Multicolor Striped Blowouts (Pack of 8).
  • Dora Candy Box.

Dora Party Supplies – Decorations:

  • Dora Photo Booth Kit.
  • Dora Decoration Kit (7 Pieces).
  • Dora Large Jointed Banner (Single Piece).
  • Dora Photo Booth Props (Pack of 8).
  • Dora Door Poster (Single Piece).
  • Dora Pals Peel and Stick Giant Wall Graphic (Single Piece).
  • Dora Burst Peel and Stick Giant Wall Decal (Single Piece).
  • Dora Wall Decor Kit.
  • Dora Theme Color Foil 8 1/2″ Cascade Centerpiece (Single Piece).
  • Dora Theme Color Plastic 22″ Hanging Decorations.
  • Dora Bright Plastic 22″ Hanging Decorations, Asst.
  • Dora Theme Color Stars Foil Confetti .5Oz (Single Piece).
  • Dora Theme Color Plastic 22″ Hanging Decorations.
  • Dora Pastel Customizable Foil Swirl Decoration Kit.
  • Dora Party Game.
  • Dora Lavender Crinkle Paper Shreds.
  • Dora Pastel Customizable Letter Banner (Single Piece).
  • Dora Bright Birthday Hat Fluffy 12′ Garland (Single Piece).
  • Dora Pastel Customizable Birthday Room Decorating Kit.
  • Dora Theme Color Birthday Party Decoration Kit.
  • Dora Bright Birthday Hat Fluffy Decorations (Single Piece).
  • Dora Rainbow Autograph Matte (Single Piece).
  • Dora Theme Color 16 oz washable tempera paint plastic squeeze bottle.
  • Dora Peel and Stick Wall Decals (39 Pieces).

Dora Party Supplies – Balloons:

  • 18″ Dora Round Foil Balloon.
  • 12″ Dora 2 Sided Balloons (Pack of 8).
  • Dora Balloon Bouquet Kit.
  • Dora 28″ Giant Heart Shape Foil Balloon.

In addition to the above Dora theme balloons Solid Latex Balloons (10-pack), Solid Curling Ribbon (Single Piece), Metallic Round 18″ Balloon (Single Piece), Latex 12″ Dots Balloons (Pack of 6), Mylar Number Balloons (Single Piece) and Balloon Stick-Ups are also available.

Furthermore, you can also order Light Up LED 12″ Balloons (5 Pack), Balloon Drop Bag 80″ (Single Piece), Sticky Tack Value Pack, Disposable Helium Tank 14.9 Cubic Ft. and 25ft Balloon Decorating Strip (Single Piece) to make your Dora party spectacular.

Also, Ultra Hi-Float Balloon Treatment Kit 16oz (Single Piece), 50ft Balloon Decorating Strip (Single Piece), Twist-N-Shape Balloon Kit (Single Piece) and 17″ Chalkboard Balloon go well with the Dora theme.

Dora Party Supplies – Pinatas:

  • Dora 3D Pull Pinata.
  • Pull String Pinata Kit – Dora.
  • Dora Drum Pull Pinata Kit.
  • Dora 3D Pull Pinata Kit.
  • Pull String Pinata – Dora.
  • Dora Drum Pull Pinata.

Also, you may choose from Pinata Blindfold Mask, Pinata Filler (Single Piece), Pinata Filler Favors 64Pcs (Single Piece), Multi-color Pinata Stick Bat (Single Piece), Festive Pinata Filler Favors 36Pcs (Single Piece) and Basic Pinata Kit (Single Piece) for your Dora party.

Furthermore, you can select from Jelly Belly Fun Pack (45 Count) Bag, Festive Pinata Filler Favors/Candy 2Lb (Single Piece), Pinata Filler Favors/Candy 2 Lb Bag (Single Piece), Boy Pinata Filler 3Lb Bag (Single Piece) and Primary Pull-String Blank Pinata (Single Piece) to make your Dora birthday party fun.

In addition, you can also buy Pull String Blank Pinata, Girl Pinata Filler 3Lb Bag (Single Piece), Pastel Pull-String Blank Pinata (Single Piece), Pull Ribbon Pinata Conversion Kit (Single Piece) and Pinata Filler Favors/Candy 1Lb Bag (Single Piece) for a great Dora themed birthday party.

Dora Cake Supplies:

In addition to the Dora Cake Decoration with 8 Candle Holders, there are Color Flame 2″ Candles (Pack of 12), Extra Large 5″ Candles (Single Piece), Rainbow Party Cupcake Boxes (Pack of 12) and Star-topped Spiral 3″ Birthday Candles (4 Pack).

Furthermore, you can make your Dora party more fun with Striped Birthday Candles, Multi-color. (20-Pack), Clear Plastic 11″ Cake Knife (Single Piece), Color Flame Jumbo 4″ Candles (4 Pack), Birthday Candles (Pack of 12) and Magic Re-Lite Candles (10 Pack).

In addition, you can also buy Happy Birthday Candles – Primary (Single Piece), Celebrate Colorful Cupcake Box, Celebrate Black and White Cupcake Box and Time to Dora Cake Decoration Set.

In the end, the day is all about Dora theme and the birthday child, and it wraps around them. We know that time and money adds some constraints, but a great and memorable Dora birthday party is easy to accomplish if plans are in place beforehand. Simply follow his or her likes, use a ton of balloons, and if possible, purchase Dora party supplies or a birthday kit, they help a lot.